Sunday, 10 April 2016

Dream Kitchen

I think it is fair to say, we would all love a Dream Kitchen.  

Well I have found mine.............

It is always on my list of things to do within in my home, but it is not at present in my budget to do so. But we can all dream of our Dream Kitchen... Can't we?  

The picture above is my dream, I love the cream glossy cabinets and the oak worktop, and to have so many cabinets would be amazing. But I would like to make a couple of changes, even though I love the Black Metro wall tile which looks great with the glossy tile, I think it need a little more colour.
So to introduce a little colour I would love to add a colourful Splash Back in Aubergine. These are brilliant behind the cooker and very easy to clean, so it is a must have in my opinion.

Next comes the flooring, I would love to bring a little bit of sparkle to my life and as my kitchen is the first room you come into, it would be the best place to have it. So these sparkly Floor Tiles from Tile Mountain are amazing, I also think I would sneak them into my Bathroom as well. Wouldn't they look great with floor lighting shining on them day and night, I love wasting electric. But I think it would be worth it.
And a must have in a home with children, a Black Board to remind us all what we are doing and evening jotting down bits for the next shopping trip.

OH dear, I have just realised it is just a dream, and realisation is kicking in, so in real life is my kitchen doesn't look anything like above this and is really this.........

No wonder I like to dream  ;-)

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Three Mobile's #SingitKitty Campaign

As a treat I have been sent an adorable phone case to review for my Samsung S4 made by Caseit , I have a contract already with Three as I love there One Plan, with the All you can eat data, its great for on the move on the phone, and also brilliant to tether to your laptop and other mobile devices while out of the house, blogging, working or just keeping the kids entertained.

 It is made of a sturdy plastic which is lightweight, with a lovely grey and white feline friend just like Bronte from the advert on the back (or could be the same one)! 

Because the case has been designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S4, it not only fits perfectly, but is also simple to insert or remove when you need to. You can easily access all the buttons, the camera and its touch screen and it allows for charging whilst still in the case.

 If you haven't already make sure you check out Three's new advert featuring the adorable Jolie and her exotic cat Bronte, singing the brilliant song, 'we built this city', which is a great song that we or must of us love to bellow out while we are driving our cars around, and whilst your there why not have a go starring in your own #SingitKitty music video then share it with your friends and family. 

My first ever Pet of my own was a beautiful Grey Cat named Benny, he was named after Benny from Crossroads, (I don't have a clue why, but that was the reason for the name).

I am a secret cat lover now, I don't have one and not looking at getting another one at present as I'm too busy with my kids and I've just got my kids out of ruining my furniture and I don't fancy inviting a beautiful animal into my house to start the ruining process again.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Canvas Design Review and Competition

After a very busy weekend with my Birthday, I have been able to open a parcel that I have had for a while. 

I was asked by a company called Canvas Design to review there service and products, which was a picture of my choice. Trying to work out what picture I wanted to be printed was a task, as I have so many pictures I need printing, so I decided that as I will be decorating my little ones room soon the best thing to do is get one printed for his wall, he loves the Union Flag, at the age of 6 he loves all things to do with the Red, White and Blue, so I gathered a few of his Union flags and photographed them and that is what my picture was I picked for his so to be newly decorated bedroom! 

I love it, as of yet he doesn't know about it as I want to surprise him when his bedroom is finished, but I know he will like it!  

The items turnaround was very quick, within 5 days I received the package from my delivery man and it was packaged extremely well, with no chance of damage, which is always a good sign. When I opened it this weekend I was amazing with the quality and size of the item, I received a 22 by 14 inch print which is very well printed and stretched very tight across the wooden frame, it came with a hanging kit for me to use when I get around to finishing the bedroom off.

I have had a good look at there website, and it looks very easy to use, with a variety of items to choose from at very reasonable prices, please take the time to have a good look like I have.

If you fancy trying Canvas Design for yourself you can get a 15% discount with the code BLOG15 at the checkout.

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Friday, 13 December 2013

Everyone of us has a dream.....

Dreams Come True is an amazing Charity whose head office has moved to the village I live in, they are a national charity and there mission is to bring joy to terminally ill and seriously ill children and young people around the country by making there Dream Come True.

I'm writing this blog for awareness of the Charity, and asking for you to take a few minutes to read through there website and see how far you get without a tear or two rolling down your face. It wasn't long before I had to take the tissues out.  

 Please help us raise some Christmas Cheer and click on the link below, for every click we get donated £1 and its perfectly safe, no personal information is captured from it and for every click we get £1 donated by softcat so it won’t cost you anything. It takes 3 seconds and will make a child’s dream come true this Christmas..
 if you are able please also send the link onto your friends, family & colleagues.

PS Click on this link and we'll receive £1 courtesy of Softcat*   
* - Softcat donate £1 for every individual that follows the link
- No personal information is captured
- Please share with your friends, family and colleagues to raise as much as possible to Dreams Come True

Please Please Please click the link above, as I've said before it takes 3 seconds and this will help towards a child or young persons Dream, so it can come true. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

Partylite is here......yipee!!!

As some of you know I love Partylite!!!
A few weeks ago I got a catalogue delivered and some order forms from a friend up north from me, and I went on the rampage looking for orders, its not a great time to be honest as Christmas is only around the corner but I managed to round up enough to process a decent size order.

The offers and benefits with Partylite are always amazing for guests and for the hostess.
This is one of the offers for the Guests For November, he is adorable and if I could I would buy him again for a gift, you take his head off  and place a Partylite tealight ( It came with a box of  tealights) on the base and light it, Partylite tealights burn for an average of 4 -6 hours, this is more than the standard tealights you can buy in the supermarket, and the smell of them are amazing, so strong, and you know you are using Partylite Candles!! 
This cost £ 9.95

I was very lucky that I was able to claim 25% commission on Sales if I sold over £165!! It sounds a lot but when my friends and family see the offers they always buy something.  The commission changes every month but always worth having whatever you get.

The hardest part is deciding what I was going to buy myself, I have loads of stuff like I said before I love the stuff so if you have never tried before you should its well worth it.

After a long time I did decide what I was going to get and below is what I had for myself.

  1. Black Cherry Escential Jar
  2. Symmetry Trio
  3. Tamboti Safari Fragrance Oil
  4. Sweets and Treats Gift Set (£9.95)
  5. Illuminescents TM Nativity 

I paid £15 of real money for all of that, as I had so much commission. Its a great feeling to be able to have things and not have to pay for them, or just a little bit of money towards it all. I'm a happy girl.

This is a Symmetry Trio, and the great thing about these are that you are able to change with the season or with your d├ęcor, I have just added a couple of beans and some angel hair, this was just done quick but it looks fine, I will be changing them but for my blog I thought it would be fine.

Anyway if anyone would like to make an order please click the following link Http://

I may even add a giveaway to this very soon......